The Top 3 Yoga Ball Chairs

Black office seat for back painThere are numerous designs and models of ball chairs in the market and with such a wide range, you may be lost for choice. These ball chair reviews also seen on will give you the best of the best since what might work for one person may not for another. Basing this criteria on four key fundamentals including; durability, price tag, comfort and ergonomic rating you are assured of making the right pick.

The Top 3 Yoga Ball Chairs

Gaiam custom fit balance ball chair

This product not only encourages you to sit in the right posture but it is also highly comfortable. The essence behind the modeling of this chair is to help you strengthen your bodily health and your core while seated. Additionally, it comes with vital extras including; a DVD encompassing the different workouts you can perform and a stretching guide. What’s more? It’s adjustable hence making it a top of the range option.

Isokinetics fitness chair

The ball chair reviews can never be comprehensive without mentioning Isokinetics fitness chair. Sleek of design with a polished steel frame that supports four different heights to fit perfectly in your environs. Additionally, for extra lumbar support, this product comes equipped with a back cushion. Furthermore, it also comes with a five wheel base and a variety of colors to choose from.

Cando adjustable chair

The first feature that is bound to catch your attention with this one is the arm rests. This definitely puts it a class above the rest not even mentioning its adjust-ability properties. The price tag maybe high but after all you are looking for quality and efficiency. This product will deliver all that in a platter. It’s comfortable, it’s sleek and probably the most adjustable chair you will find.

The brands and designs maybe many, but there are those that always stand out. The above ball chair reviews will definitely give you an edge as you make that purchase.

Kneeling Chair – Easy Office Ergonomics

top rated chairTo maintain extended periods of Zen meditation, the Buddhist Tradition used a kneeling like position to keep the weight of the torso lifted off the ankles. The forward tilt of the seat will open up the thighs and the trunk. This will put the back in its natural S-Shape Alignment. That is why the kneeling chair ( has gained popularity in the work place over the years.

The burden of weight is between the knees and the buttocks. The knee chair is meant to reduce the lower back strain that can occur from long periods of being in a sitting position. Lowering the angle of the lower body while in a this type of chair can keep the spine in alignment. This puts the sitter in the proper position for the task at hand. How the sitter benefits from this position is that while leaning inward the body angle stays at 90% or wider. The body weight does not fall upon the knees which has been a misconception over the years. Many people with poor knees shied away from the use of kneeling chairs because they thought it would further their discomfort.

A proper ergonomic chair would bear some of the weight slightly on the shin. The purpose for the knee rests is to keep you from falling forward off the chair. Most of the weight falls on the buttocks where a natural comfort takes place. People who have used the knee chair have less complaints of lower back pain after long hours of sitting at a desk. People find themselves more productive and find they are not as tired at the end of the day. That stiffness you feel when standing up is from poor circulation. It has been reported that most people positioned in a knee posture chair easily rise up to a standing position with out that stiffness. I’m glad I made the decision to get out of the so called ergonomic office chair. I would not trade my chair for anything in the world.  Check out the flash furniture kneeling chair which may be the top available knee stool today.

What is a Gratitude Journal?

Gratitude DiaryA gratitude journal (read about it on Wiki) is basically a diary consisting of the many things that a person is thankful to have in his/her life. These journals are usually used by people who only wish to focus on only the positive things that they get in life. Individuals who are experiencing depression also use gratitude journals as a way of helping them cope with their problems. A study that was done in 2003 revealed that people who wrote in gratitude journals all had a more positive about their lives and even reported fewer symptoms of illness.

If you wish to start your own gratitude journal then you will first need to have a positive state of mind and do away with all of the negativity in your life. Besides, how do you expect to be thankful when you keep on thinking about the bad stuff in life? You should also try to make it a habit to write down a certain number of things that you are grateful to have in your life. Remember to avoid writing about the same things over and over again. This is where the challenge in having a gratitude journal lies, but it is also what can help make your thankfulness and awareness develop.

For starters, most people like to write about some of the basic material things that they are thankful to have in their lives because they are easier to recognize. Examples of these would include food, your home, your clothes, and anything else that might be helping you sustain your life here on Earth. You should also remember not to limit yourself to just material possessions only because you should also be thankful for the other people in your life such as your friends and family.

Anyone who wishes to have a more meaningful and positive life should definitely think about having a daily gratitude diary so they can be given a reminder that not all things in life are bad.

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